Build Your Own Bundle

Build Your Own Bundle

The one you’ve all been waiting for to bring hours of learning through play to your day!

I am so excited to finally be able to offer a ‘build your own bundle’ option. This really is the best way to get incredible savings and choose the exact packs of learning through play cards you want! Oh and the best bit – the more you buy, the more you save! So get stocking up on those birthday, Christmas and end of year teacher gifts in one go, or just treat your family or teaching team. 

Build your own bundles start from 3 packs. Simply add the learning through play cards you want to your cart and the savings will come off. This bundle cannot be used in conjunction with another bundle to create a large quantity. 

Mix and match across the entire range from newborn + to 5 years + to create your personalised, playful bundle. Gift bags can be added on separately at the checkout. 

3 packs = £36.00 (£12 per pack)

4 packs = £46.00 (£11.50 per pack)

5 packs = £53.00 (£10.60 per pack)

6 packs or more = (£10.00 per pack)


Pocket-sized cards for busy parents and professionals, who want to help their children learn key skills through play. Designed to support your children's development and adapted for a wide range of abilities.

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