1 Year + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

1 Year + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

As you know, our learning through play cards use items you will likely already have at home. To help you get prepared here's a very comprehensive list of everything you could possibly need! You may not need all of these items, because you will choose the most appropriate activity for your little one, using the arrows to pitch it suitably.



Photos, Fairy lights, Blankets, Cushions, Duck tape, Plastic boxes, Dustpan & Brush, Magazines, Printer, Towel


Jelly, Salt, Rice, Couscous, Spaghetti, Decaf fruit tea bags, Dried lentils, Sugar cubes, Cereal, Oats, Biscuits, Yogurt, Dried pasta, Cheerios, Dried beans, Potato, Fruit & Vegetables

Bathroom / Bedroom:

Coat Hanger, Cotton buds, Hair bobbles, Sponges, Bangles, Hair scrunchie


Cardboard box, Lollipop sticks, Plastic lid, Cardboard rolls, Plastic bottle, Old guttering, Yogurt pot, Egg carton, Milk bottle lids, Tubs, Shredded paper, Straw packaging, Bubble wrap, Corks, Take-away/tupperware tubs

Arts and Crafts:

Coloured pens / crayons, Coloured lollipop sticks, Balloons, String, Pom-poms, Tape, Paintbrushes, Elastic bands, Sellotape, Paint, Paper, Cotton reels, Ribbon, Feathers, Bubble wrap, Foam, Pipe cleaners, Washi tape, Felt, Sponges, Sticky back plastic, Scissors (for adults to prep), Hot glue gun (for adults to prep)

Toys and Instruments:

Toy hammer, Toy chisel, Tweezers, Tongs, Playing cards, Jigsaw, Balls, Plastic teapot, Toy car, Ball pit balls, Toy diggers, Teddies & Dolls, Playdough, Scoop, Plastic toy animals, Child's broom, Musical instruments


Pebbles, Tuff tray, Coloured pegs, Sticks



Have fun learning through play!

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