2 Years + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

2 Years + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

As you know, our learning through play cards use items you will likely already have at home. To help you get prepared here's a very comprehensive list of everything you could possibly need! You may not need all of these items, because you will choose the most appropriate activity for your little one, using the arrows to pitch it suitably.


Water, Freezer, Bucket, Coins, Photos, Books, Basket, Rug, Clipboard, Post-it Notes, Paper, Pen, Tray, Camera/Phone camera, Speaker/Radio/Phone  (Music for dancing), Shoes, Soap (Bubbles), Plastic Box, Sheets, Chairs, Tables, Ramps, Spray Bottles, Magazine


Bowl, Ice Cube Tray, Sponges, Foil, Tub, Coloured Cupcake Cases, Spoon, Cup, Fork, Tea Towel, Containers, Tins, Scoops, Zip Lock Bag, Wooden Spoon, Colander, Rolling Pin, Cookie Cutters, Pots & Pans, Muffin Tray, Whisk, Freezer Bags, Plastic Gloves, Potato Masher, Pastry Brush, Cooling Rack, Straw


Lemon Juice, Sweets eg. Jelly Beans for sorting or Strawberry Laces for necklaces, Salt, Squirty Cream, Dried Lentils, Rice, Pasta, Fruits & Vegetables, Dried Chickpeas, Frozen Peas, Food Colouring, Cereals, Chocolate Angel Delight, Playdough recipe: Flour, Salt, Water, Oil, Cream of Tartar, Food Colouring

Bathroom /Bedroom:

Sponges, Essential Oils, Cotton Wool, Tweezers, Mirror, Shaving Foam, Hair Gel, Clothes, Hair Roller, Tube of Toothpaste, Hairbrush, Socks, Tights, Cotton Buds


Lids, Cardboard Box, Empty Food Packets, Cheeselets/Twiglets Tins, Cardboard, Plastic Bottles, Cardboard Rolls, Newspaper, Lollipop Sticks, Egg Carton, Bubble Wrap, Bottle, Lids, Corks

Arts and Crafts:

Baby safe scissors, Paint, Dot stickers / Sticky dots, Washi tape, Paint brush, Feathers, Beads Chalk, String, Glitter, Coloured Paper, Chunky Crayon, Felt Tip, Balloon, Pom-poms, Shiny Paper, Low Grade Sandpaper, Card, Fabrics, Lollipop Sticks, Sticky Back Plastic, Wool, Shoelaces, Buttons, Felt Stickers, Easel, Pipecleaners

Toys and Instruments:

Blocks, Tweezers, Toy Animals, Play Food, Cars, Play Mat, Coloured Small Balls, Ball, Marbles, Scoops, Magnifying Glass, Playdough, Teddies / Cuddly Toys, Tools and Utensils, Sieves, Funnels, Toy Hammer, Farm Animals and Tractor, Bubble Solution


Tape, Coloured Crayon, Ruler, Elastic Bands (Coloured), Sharpie (Permanent Marker), Paperclips, Hole Punch, Glue


Pegs, Leaves, Pebbles, Sticks, Slide, Wet Sand, Sand, Twigs, Petals, Pinecones, Stones


Bingo dabbers, Pipettes, Gift Bag, Shell, Wallpaper, Golf Tees, Glow Sticks, Artificial Grass

Have fun learning through play!

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