6 months + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

6 months + Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

As you know, our learning through play cards use items you will likely already have at home. To help you get prepared here's a very comprehensive list of everything you could possibly need! You may not need all of these items, because you will choose the most appropriate activity for your little one, using the arrows to pitch it suitably.


Basket, Box, Handbag, Photos / Family pictures, Post-it notes, Rug / blanket, Scarf, Torch, Tub, Water


Bowls, Colander, Cooked spaghetti, Cups / tumblers, Freezer, Highchair, Ice cube tray, Kitchen roll holder, Muffin cases, Muffin tin, Paper plates, Plastic bowls, Pots & pans, Scoops, Sponges, Spoons, Straws, Tin foil, Tray, Tubs / Tupperware, Whisks, Wooden spoon, Zip lock / freezer bags


Angel delight, Apple, Bread flour, Cereal, Cornflour, Crackers, Desiccated coconut, Dry pasta, Edible Playdough ingredients: bread flour, olive oil, food colouring, water, Fruits, Jelly, Natural yoghurt, Oats, Olive Oil, Coffee, Flavoured tea bags, Squirty cream

Bathroom / Bedroom:

Baby oil, Bangles, Blankets, Crib mattresses, Cushions/pillows, Duvets, Flannel, Hair gel, Mirrors, Shaving foam, Sponges, Tights, Towels


Baby wipe lids, Bottles, Cans, Cardboard, Cardboard box, Cylinder tubs, Lollipop sticks, Metal lids, old CD's, Old remotes/controllers/phones/laptops with batteries REMOVED, Scrap Materials, See-through cup, Bubble wrap

Arts and Crafts:

Balloons, Beads, Card, Duck tape, Feathers, Glow sticks, Glue, Lollipop sticks, Paint, Shiny / sparkly/ textured paper, Pipe cleaners, Pom-poms, Ribbons, Sellotape, Sticky back plastic, Straws, String, Tape, Wrapping paper roll, Zips

Toys and Instruments:

Ball pit balls, Balls, Beater, Bells, Disco lights, Finger puppet, fishing nets, Flashing balls, Glow sticks, Small toy Teether, Toy animals,


Flowers, Leaves, Pegs, Petals, Plant pots, Sand, Scents; lavender, garlic, rosemary, thyme, Sticks / Twigs


Gift bags, Paper plates, Sensory scarves, Tuff tray

Have fun learning through play!

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