Advent Calendar Resources

Advent Calendar Resources

Here is a list of all the items and resources you could possibly need to do the activities in the advent calendar!

All items you will likely already find in your house! You will not need all of these unless you do all 3 activities on each card each day, for example the bread flour is only required if you are making the edible playdough which you would generally only do if your child still mouths. You could look at the cards and decide which activity you are going to do then just tick off the things from this list that you need to collect. Have festive fun learning through play!

General items:

Tuff Tray (or similar, e.g. under the bed storage box ), Basket, Water, Freezer, Blankets, Cushions, Chairs, Washing Basket, Tissues.

Kitchen items:

Cookie Cutters, Tongs, Sieve, Wooden Spoon, Bowl, Food Bag, Rolling Pin, Tub / Plastic Container, Ice Cube Tray, Spoons, Cups, Muffin Tray.

Kitchen pantry:

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Food Colouring, Cinnamon Sticks, Oranges, Bread Flour, Water, Olive Oil Essential Oils, Digestive Biscuit, Icing Sugar, Marshmallow, Sweets, Meringue Nests, Cornflour, Jelly, Coco Pops, Cocoa Powder, Spaghetti, Sugar, Salt, Dried Oats.

Bathroom / bedroom:

Jewellery, Under The Bed Storage Box, Hair Conditioner, Cotton Wool, Baby Oil, Socks, Cotton Buds


Card, Cardboard Box, Old CDs, Plastic Bottle, Lollipop Stick, Christmas Snack Tubs, Cardboard Tubes/Rolls, Polystyrene Base of a Pizza Packaging, Jam Jars, Recycling Newspaper, Wrapping Paper Spares, Old Sock

Arts and Crafts:

Paint, Pom-poms, Glitter, Pipe Cleaners, Ribbons/Bows, Card, Googly Eyes, Play Dough, Felt, Washi Tape, Water Colours, Lollipop Stick, Beads, Buttons, Material/Cloth, Polystyrene Balls

Toys & Instruments:

Bells, Balls, Plastic animals

Tools and DIY

Play Tweezers, Child Safe Knife, Hot Glue Gun


Scissors, Glue, Stapler, Felt Tips, Sellotape, Brown Parcel Paper, Elastic Band, Pen/Pencil,


Old Christmas Cards, Festive Recycling, Envelopes, Christmas Themed Leaflets, Tinsel, Decorations, Baubles, Christmas Stocking


MMT Free Card Downloads - scan the QR code on your calendar to access


Sensory Scarves, Blindfold

Outside / In the Garden

Pine Cones, Pine Needles, Pebbles/Stones, Washing Line, Twigs, Wooden Peg

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