Newborn Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

Newborn Learning Through Play Cards Resource List

A list of everything you could possibly need to find around your home to use the newborn learning through play cards!

As you know, our learning through play cards use items you will likely already have at home. To help you get prepared here's a very comprehensive list of everything you could possibly need! You may not need all of these items, because you will choose the most appropriate activity for your little one, using the arrows to pitch it suitably.


Blanket / Rug, Book, Cardboard box, Coat hanger, Cushion/pillow, Fairy lights, Family photos, Fresh Laundry, Radio / Speaker, Play mat, Post-it notes, Printer, See-through bowl, Sponges, Torch, Basket, Box, Umbrella, Washing basket,


Bottle, Cooking Cups, Tubs, Foil, Food colouring, Freezer, Ice cube tray, Metal spoons, Plastic bottle, Pots & Pans, Sponges, Tea towel, Water, Zip lock food bag


Citrus zest (lemon/orange), Dry rice / pasta

Bathroom / Bedroom:

Bath, Coat hanger, Hairbrushes, Make-up brushes, Mirror, Rubber ducks, Sponges


Cardboard box, Egg box, Empty baby wipes packet, Empty plastic bottle, Large jar lids, Lollipop stick, Newspaper, Magazine, Old CD's, Old Sellotape ring, Old snack tubs/tubes, Old Sock, Scrap fabrics/material

Arts and Crafts:

Balloon, Bubble wrap, Cardboard, Cardboard rolls, Coloured craft cellophane, Coloured Paper, DIY fillable baubles, Duct tape, Feathers, Felt, Felt tips / Pens, Fur, Glow Sticks, Glue gun, Helium balloons, Hole punch, Lollipop stick, Loose / scrap materials: Paper, Paper chains, Ribbons, Shiny paper, Sparkly material, String, Wrapping paper

Toys and Instruments:

Bells, Cuddly toys, Musical instruments; eg. Marraccas/rattles, Castinets, Bells, Kazoo, Drums, Toys


Artificial grass, Feather, Flowers, Lavender sprigs, Pegs/clothespegs, Wooden stick


Artificial grass, Sensory foil blanket, Sensory scarves, Silk scarves

Have fun learning through play!

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