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Play Planner

Play Planner

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The play planner is here!! Designed to help make day to day life that little bit easier and help put play into your little one’s day. 

Research shows us that “Children do better when their parents think play is important for learning.” (Zejaruas & Zhao, 2023). As an education professional I cannot agree with this more, but as a busy mum I also know that despite our best intentions the chaos of life can mean we sometimes find it difficult to play with our children for a variety of reasons.

I created the play planner to help with exactly this. Created out of a need I found with my own 2 children and mum / work juggle! The play planner helps you to organise, plan and protect time for learning through play!!!

Ready to feel like you’re supercharging your kids learning? Ready to feel organised and ready to play? Grab your play planner today!!

Product details:

  • A3 size, premium gloss laminate. Produced in the UK.
  • Fits 7 learning through play cards
  • An essential addition to your learning through play activity cards.
  • For use at home or in Early Years and School settings.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The perfect way to organise play

This is a fab resource to have with the learning through play Flashcards! It really helps you plan for the week and is a way to display the activities for yourself & your child/ children!

Life changing

I know it might seem silly to call a planner life changing but it really is. Since arriving we have no missed one day of a planned play activity. Instead of wondering what to set up or do, I just look at the planner and it's already there. Took me less than 10 minutes to plan a week with the MMT cards. As it's wipeable you can wrote up your own ideas as well. My daughter loves getting involved with choosing what we are doing and sticking the cards on. Best thing is if you have the MMT cards you essentially have 2 weeks planned as she provides ways to change the activity and make it more challenging. So we just flip the card over and another week planned in less than 2 minutes. Can't recommend the planner and cards enough.